Does Toffifee contain animal products?

Toffifee contains only milk and dairy products as animal products.

Is gelatine an ingredient?

No. Toffifee contains no gelatine.

I have a peanut/almond/other nut allergy. Can I still eat Toffifee?

The packaging warns that Toffifee can contain almonds, peanuts and other nut particles. This advice is intended for people with serious nut and peanut allergies. Toffifee may contain remnants of these nuts even though they are not part of the recipe. For example, peanuts are not a Toffifee ingredient but suppliers of the other ingredients may also process peanut products.

Is Toffifee gluten free?

Toffifee is virtually gluten free. Its gluten levels are so negligible that Toffifee meets all European legal requirements. Based on the requirements of the regulation (EC) 41/2009 we can name Toffifee "Gluten Free" (gluten not more than 20 ppm).

How long has Toffifee been around?

The idea for Toffifee was first launched in Germany in 1973.

Is Toffifee available around the world?

Yes, Toffifee can be bought and enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world.

Where does the name "Toffifee" come from?

The name is made up of "Toffi" from toffee and "Fee", the German word for "fairy". The fairy symbolises a bringer of luck. She makes the wish for a treat made from only the best ingredients come true and grants you a moment of pleasure.

Does Toffifee contain alcohol?

No. Toffifee contains no alcohol.

Is Toffifee halal?

Yes. Toffifee is 100% halal.